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In your wk08_shiny.Rmd, add:

  1. R chunk with option eval=F containing the shiny::runGitHub() command to run at least one of the examples from the Shiny Tutorial after you pushed your app files to your <user> repository on Github.

  2. Link to the URL of a Shiny app that you published.


Create group Shiny app in your <org> repo to enhance your previous interactive visualization by adding user interface and server functions that enable a user to:

  1. subset rows (ie filter()) or columns (ie select()) of the data

  2. alter at least one parameter to the visualization

In your individual http://<user>, similarly include:

  1. R chunk with option echo=F containing the shiny::runGitHub() command to run your group’s Shiny app in the <org> repository.

  2. Link to the URL of the Shiny app that one of your group members published.

Submit URL to GauchoSpace

In order to get credit for this assignment, you must log into GauchoSpace and submit the URL into the wk08_shiny assignment.

This URL should be to the wk08_shiny.html in your <user>, NOT <org> and NOT wk08_shiny.Rmd. For instance, for me that would be

Note: I am adding this GauchoSpace submission part because some students invariably mistype the filenames, forget to push to Github, or some such. This extra step hopefully ensures that I can easily find your homework and give you credit.

I’ll be out of country next week so won’t have office hours. We’re cancelling class for Bren Group Project presentations next week. I will have office hours again Tuesday March 8th 11:30 - 1pm. This assignment is due Thursday, March 10th.