Final Project

For the final project, you can:

  1. Pick a Species

  2. Pick an Ecosystem Service


If you choose a species, please visit to confirm observation data are available and capture a screenshot of the map.

For example, humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae):

Ecosystem Service

If you choose ecosystem service, please coordinate with Lisa as to which service and place to use.

Submit Proposal as project/

Submit your proposal to H:\esm296-4f\github\lab2\ Be sure to commit and push this file along with any other files (like images) referenced.

Tips for Markdown

Recall lab 1's use of markdown and commit & push to include images in the document. See also the rmarkdown cheatsheet for formatting tips (headers, lists, images, etc).

Let's say you want to include an image myspecies.png located in the same folder as this projects/ Then you would include the following line.


For capturing screenshots, I like using the rectangular Snipping Tool available on Bren SCF/GIS machines.